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Our Services

Energy Audits

  • Energy audit & conservation solutions to reduce electricity bills in Factories, Commercial Buildings, Malls, Corporates and similar Complexes.
  • Energy audit and conservation solutions in air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Energy audit & conservation solutions in boilers, furnaces and thermal equipment
  • Waste minimisation and resource conservation
  • Mandatory Energy Audit of Designated consumers in accordance with Energy Conservation Act, 2001

Consultancy and Engineering services in Solar PV Plants

  • Site Feasibility Study and suitability assessment and Bankable Detailed Project Report for both MW level grid systems, Roof Top KW Systems
  • Complete engineering services covering design of Solar PV systems including BoQ and comprehensive ready tender packages
  • Techno-Economical Viability Report
  • Strategic advisory services to venture into Solar Energy sector
  • Procurement support

Solar PV Plant Performance Audit

  • Review of Plant Design for ideal combination, plant layout, DC/AC design and quality of installed equipment
  • Review of specifications of equipment installed in the plant
  • On-site assessment of performance of the plant through actual measurements of variables and output
  • Performance and efficiency evaluation of Module & Inverter, losses in the system, etc.
  • Study of generation data of previous years to identify equipment with poor efficiency and performance
  • Recommendations for improvement with cost benefit analysis and assured future returns
  • Guidance for execution, quality assurance and monitoring of implementation of improvement measures suggested
  • Periodic visits for further study, evaluation and guidance as found necessary

Solar Training

  • Training on Solar PV Systems to Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Financiers, Students, Consultants,Technicians and O & M Personnel
  • Energy Conservation Measures
  • Site Project management, Installation & Commissioning, Mandatory tests Techno-Economical Viability Report

Owners Engineers

  • Vetting of the Design and Engineering documents provided by EPC contractors
  • Vetting of specifications of equipment to meet quality standards
  • Vetting of Quality Assurance plan, Test plans and procedures and execution standards
  • Prepare/vet Method Statements and guidance on quality oriented execution
  • Project monitoring and progress review using management tools
  • Site Quality Assurance and project management
  • Inspection of execution and progress review
  • Verification of quality of execution at site
  • Third Party Testing and commissioning and approval

Lenders’ Engineers of Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Evaluation of Techno-Economic Viability reports
  • Techno-financial analysis of Detailed Project Reports
  • Assessment of progress at site
  • Third Party Inspections, Testing and Reporting