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About us

Griffin Green Energy adopts a customer specific approach by recognizing that each stake holder in the solar energy sector needs a different solution to fulfill his aspirations. The quality and micromanagement Griffin offers at a reasonable cost enhances the satisfaction level of customers by unleashing the real value of their investments at each step. Knowledge and experience of the Founder gained over four decades provides a solid structure to the Customers’ projects. The work ethos and ethics substantiated by a meticulous approach to the Customers’ needs is a derivative of values inherited by the Founder from his Army service.

Anyone interested in Solar Energy or Energy Conservation definitely seeks an expert who possesses a high level of knowledge in relevant technical standards, Government policies, mandatory and statutory controls which govern the solar energy sector. Griffin offers this expertise through its Founder.

The strength of Griffin lies in the ability to offer a single point of expertise for complete engineering design, formulation of equipment specifications total support in preparation of tender packages, technical and financial support in procurement, project management, site quality assurance during execution and commissioning, energy audits and performance evaluation and training in renewable energy.


  • Courage and conviction in the future of Solar Energy and Energy Conservation
  • Absolute technical excellence and highest quality
  • Solutions in conformance with applicable standards
  • Continuous quality assurance and improvement
  • Customer is the centre point of attention
  • Friendly and supportive approach
  • Least time of deliverables at reasonable cost
  • Integrity, honesty and transparency in all dealings


To be known as a trustworthy and quality conscious companion to all stakeholders in Solar Energy and Energy Conservation

Our Pillars

Col R Venkatesan (Retd), Founder & CEO

Qualifications of Col R Venkatesan (Retd) extend from B.E Mech to post graduate degrees in business management, HR, TQM and ISO 9000. He is a Certified Energy Auditor and a qualified Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 series. His 40 years of experience spans across a very wide spectrum. He has played an active and deep role in supervision and execution of more than 150 civil, mechanical and electrical engg contracts for establishment of military stations. He has commissioned and maintained electrical sub-substations up to 132 kV. His experience also envelopes quality assurance of defence equipment procured from foreign countries. Energy conservation measures suggested by him have led to reduction in electricity bills in the Armed Forces. As COO in a Solar Consultancy Company in previous years, he has been personally responsible for consultancy services to about 300 MW Solar Power Plants, covering all aspects of DC, AC, Civil and Structural, Transmission lines design, and procurement support etc. His innovative approach and logical analysis during plant performance audits resulted in big gains for investors and Owners of SPV plants. He is a unique blend, with high engineering and quality assurance knowledge, practical experience in contract management and man management. He brings in the added advantage of familiarity with Government’s working methodology, their policies and procedures.

Asha Venkatesan, HR & Finance Head

Asha is an experienced HR & Finance Professional with over two decades of experience in diverse fields such as teaching, hospital administration and Customer care. An excellent administrator with vast experience in customer interaction, she oversees the Marketing & Finance and HR functions.

Maj Smita Verma (Retd), External Consultant

Maj Smita Vema (Retd), a dynamic and vivacious lady is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with over 11 years of experience in the Army and Private sector. The Army tenure and the engineering challenges in inhospitable environment at Leh in Jammu and Kashmir have honed her leadership traits. Her success in innovative engineering solutions by using natural resources and local materials, starting with solar powered shelters, climate controlled inhabitats in adverse terrain has been the motivation behind her venture into Solar Energy. As Consultant in a Solar Consultant Company for a year and a half during her previous employment, Smita played a pivotal role in strategic advice, optimized and innovative design, engineering support, plant audit and other services in solar SPV amounting to over 220 MW.

She had been a catalyst in the formation and providing initial impetus in the establishment of Griffin. She provides support to Griffin in all its Services in Northern India.