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Solar Energy Consultants, Solar Energy Trainers & Energy Auditors

Founded by Army Officer, Griffin inherits the disciplined approach and micromanagement of its founder who has substantial experience both in Army and Private sector. Supported by a cumulative experience of having been involved in advisory and engineering services to over 300 MW of SPV plants in India, conduct of Solar Plant performance audit and training courses on Renewable Energy, Griffin offers trust, comfort and quality services to Investors, Contractors, Entrepreneur, and all those desirous of venturing into Solar Energy.

As Consultants Griffin offers engineering solutions, advisory services, technical support to Owners, Investors, banks and financial institutions and training on solar energy projects from concept to completion. As specialists in Solar Plant performance Audit, Griffin provides an exhaustive audit process obtaining performance data with own instruments independent of SCADA data, evaluating efficiencies to bring out measures to realize the true potential of the Solar Plant.

With BEE certified Energy Auditor as its Founder, Griffin Green Energy undertakes Energy Audit of Designated Consumers and offers solutions for electricity bill reduction through Energy Audit and energy conservation methods to Factories, IT sector, complexes, malls and Housing Societies.

The planned vigorous expansion in Solar Sector demands a large manpower of trained Engineers, Technicians and maintenance personnel in the Solar Sector.